Scholarships help our students build bright futures.

Since its 2019 inception, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai's Enhanced Scholarship Initiative (ESI) has been a beacon of hope in tackling medical education debt. ESI stands out nationwide for offering substantial need-based scholarship aid, ensuring that students graduate with no more than $75,000 in debt. This initiative shapes a future where aspiring doctors, regardless of background, can pursue their medical education at Mount Sinai.

ESI boldly champions diversity, easing financial burdens and enabling students to pursue their medical aspirations. By covering various costs like tuition and housing, ESI empowers students to choose fields like family and community medicine, unencumbered by financial constraints.

Moreover, ESI fosters an inclusive learning environment, contributing to consistently enrolling one of the most diverse medical student classes in the nation. This support not only forwards our education benefits but also lays the foundation for a more equitable health care system.

Our alumni understand the transformative impact of scholarship support. Investing in our students isn't just an investment in our institution, but in the broader community. As our students become future health care leaders, they address public health challenges, serve vulnerable populations, and contribute to groundbreaking research.

ESI Stats for 2023-2024 Academic Year

Your generosity through scholarship support is life-changing for our students. With your commitment, they pursue impactful areas of medicine without overwhelming debt. Thank you for your compassion and foresight in supporting the next generation of healthcare professionals at Icahn Mount Sinai.