Parent Webinars

Throughout the academic year, the Office of Development and the Department of Medical Education partner to host a series of informative webinars tailored to the specific curriculum phase your student is experiencing.

In the first year, we focus on easing the transition into medical school, providing guidance and support as your student navigates this new chapter in their academic journey.

During the second year, we offer insights and strategies to help your student prepare for board exams, ensuring they feel confident and well-equipped for success.

As your student progresses into the third year and begins clinical rotations, our webinars provide valuable support and advice to help both you and your student navigate this pivotal stage of their medical education.

In the fourth year, as your student prepares for Match Day and transitions into residency, we offer specialized guidance on how best to support them during this exciting and transformative time.

Our parent webinar series aims to provide you with the knowledge, resources, and support you need to better understand and navigate the challenges and milestones along your student's medical education journey.

Supporting Your Sinai Student

Parents can play a crucial and multifaceted role in their children's success. Here's a more detailed look on how you can support:

  1. Emotional Support: The demanding nature of medical school can be overwhelming at times. Parents provide a steady source of emotional support, offering a listening ear, words of encouragement, and a reassuring presence during challenging periods.
  2. Motivation: Parents serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. Their unwavering belief in their children's abilities encourages them to persevere through the rigorous curriculum and challenging exams.
  3. Family Balance: Maintaining a balance between family life and the intense demands of medical school is essential for students' well-being. Parents can help create a supportive home environment that allows students to focus on their studies without undue distractions.
  4. Moral Support: Parents instill values, principles, and a strong work ethic in their children. These qualities are fundamental to a successful medical career and are often reinforced during the journey through medical school.
  5. Networking and Mentorship: Parents may have their own professional networks that can benefit their children's future careers. They can introduce their children to professionals in the field, provide opportunities for mentorship, and offer guidance on career choices.
  6. Stress Management: Parents can provide insights and strategies for coping with the high levels of stress that medical students face. Their life experience can be invaluable in helping students manage their emotional well-being.
  7. Advocacy: Parents can be powerful advocates for their children, whether it's helping to resolve administrative issues, providing advice on career decisions, or speaking up on their behalf when necessary.
  8. Celebrating Milestones: Parents take pride in their children's achievements, celebrating their academic and personal milestones. These celebrations and positive reinforcement contribute to students' self-esteem and motivation.
  9. Moral Compass: Parents often serve as a guiding moral compass. They impart essential values of empathy, compassion, and the importance of ethical behavior, which are cornerstones of a successful medical career.

Your emotional, physical, and moral support, coupled with your invaluable life experience, create a strong foundation for your child's journey through medical school and their future careers as health care professionals. If at any time you feel that your child is struggling through their medical education journey, we encourage you to reach out to us to review available resources.