The journey of medical education can involve not only the students but their families as well. We aim to ensure that both you and your medical students have the tools and knowledge to thrive throughout their time at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Each year, the Office of Development and the Department of Medical Education partner to host informative webinars tailored to the specific curriculum phase your student is going through. From easing the transition into medical school in the first year, to guiding them through the board exam preparation in the second year, and supporting them during clinical rotations in the third year, we're here to help you understand the challenging and rewarding path they are navigating. In the fourth year, as your students prepare for Match Day, we'll provide insights on how to best support them during this pivotal time. Additionally, we offer links to valuable support resources provided by the Office for Wellbeing and Resilience. 

Curriculum at a Glance

Explore our curated resources designed to guide your student through every stage of their medical journey. From navigating the early years of study to preparing for residency, we provide essential information tailored to support you every step of the way.