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A Message from Medical Education

Thursday, December 11, 2014  
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Dear Medical Education Community,


At our medical school we talk a lot about justice, equity, human rights, and patient-centeredness. We care about patients because we care about people, families, neighborhoods, and those whose need is greatest. Our hearts go out to anyone in pain, anyone in need of an advocate, anyone who might be vulnerable, afraid or suffering. As we acquire medical and scientific knowledge and skills, and as we support the growth and development of America’s health care workforce, we can actually do something to make a difference. In our role as healers and human beings we can all relate to this excerpt from Emma Lazarus’ famous poem:


Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,


And yet the language strikes a chilling chord this week as we struggle to make sense of the often violent world around us. The events in Ferguson and in our own city force us to question our tenets of equality, freedom and justice. Are we making progress as a society, or are we simply destined to repeat history’s horrible mistakes?


These and other questions defy easy answers, and each of us copes with them in our own way.


What we must share as a community is a commitment to make this world a better and safer place for all people, because any of us may one day be that person who is suffering, afraid, vulnerable, and needs to know where to turn for advocacy and humanity. As current and future physicians and scientists, and as a community that is dedicated to producing that future, we are the first and best stronghold for those values. Let’s make sure that recent events inspire us to take action for a more just society that starts with each patient and each community in our very own city.




Shashi Anand, Assistant Dean, Curricular and Student Affairs

Peter Gliatto, MD, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and Student Affairs

Reena Karani, MD, MHPE, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education

   and Curricular Affairs

David Muller, MD, Dean for Medical Education

Michelle Sainte, Associate Dean for Academic Administration

David C. Thomas, MD, MHPE, Associate Dean for CME, Vice Chair for Education

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